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Animation Academy

Animation Academy

In the back of The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios there is an exciting attraction called Animation Academy. In this animation class that runs every 30 minutes during regular park hours, you can learn how to draw some of Disney popular characters.

When you enter the room select a seat, any seat is good. The animator instructing the class will ask if you have been to the class before and which characters you’ve drawn before so they don’t have too many drawing the same character too many times. We have been to the class on several different visits and have not drawn the same character so far.

Following the instructors directions is easy, even if you think you can’t draw. You follow along with the instructor on a large overhead projector. When the class is over, you sign your drawing and take it home with you.

The instructors are informative and the kids have fun. Where else in the park can you get a one of a kind keepsake like a hand drawn character from your child? We have a wall in the house that we have framed all our characters to display. Every time someone comes by we ask them to choose their favorites of each character.

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