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Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant

On our last visit to the Magic Kingdom we were able to get a fastpass for lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant. We were offered the fastpass in an email that we received after checking into the Pop Century Resort. There is a link to a page where you can reserve a fastpass:

If you can not get a fastpass for lunch the line is quite long. So long that on the bridge there is a drink station set up with lemonade. The day we were there it was very hot and we felt bad for the people that had to wait in such a line for the dining experience, but it would have been worth the wait.

We checked in at the check-in station which is on the left just before you cross the bridge. After checking in they instructed us to move forward to the entrance of the castle. The anticipation of seeing what they had created was building. You enter the castle and are asked to wait your turn to order your meal. When it came to our turn we went to the touch screen and began to order our food. After you place your order you head to the cashier to pay. Your receipt acts like a homing beacon for them to find you, so you can sit in any of the three rooms.

After the ordering and checking out is done you enter the main ballroom and soon see the other two rooms to choose from, Belle’s Library or the West Wing. The Ballroom is as grand as in the movie and bright. This is the main area with the largest amount of seating. Belle’s Library is also bright and has a statue of Belle and Beast in the center of the room. The West Wing, as in the movie, is dark and filled with torn pictures of the prince and the rose under glass. No matter which room you choose there are beverage stations nearby and plenty of artwork on the walls.

With you receipt on the table they find you and bring your food to the table under glass rolling stations. If you ordered dessert it will come at the same time, so getting your kids to focus on the food and not dessert may be a challenge. Our entrees were: carved turkey sandwich, carved prime chuck roast beef sandwich, and braised pork (coq au vin style). Each entree had large portions and was tasty. I personally liked the braised pork best of all. For being the first time there and not knowing when we would be able to get back into the restaurant we ordered dessert also. Here are the choices we made: strawberry cream cheese cupcake, triple chocolate cupcake, and chocolate cream puff. The best out of those was the triple chocolate cupcake. All were good but there is nothing like eating a chocolate cupcake in the ballroom of a castle.

All and all the food was good and the atmosphere was magical. This is one of the experiences that if you have a young girl and they love Beauty and the Beast then you must go. Older kids and adults will enjoy the food and the ambiance.

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