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Club Cool At EPCOT

Club Cool At EPCOT

While at EPCOT on your next visit you should stop by Club Cool and take a break from the heat and try some soda from around the world. This has always been a stop for us the day we are in EPCOT because not only can you cool down but you can have a drink on Disney at the same time.

There are soda machines and sample cups for you to try sodas from around the world and there is no hidden fee for this attraction. I will however suggest that you sip slowly because not all of the sodas are something that everyone is going to like. We have been there many times and have our own favorites and even in our family our tastes vary.

Starting this fall Disney will be updating their soda flavors and while we have not been there to try them yet here is what I have compiled from various sources as to what you could expect:

  • Inca Kola from Peru — bubblegum-inspired flavor.
  • Sparberry from Zimbabwe — raspberry.
  • Guarana Kuat from Brazil — cream soda.
  • Bibo from South Africa — fruity.
  • Fanta from Thailand — melon.
  • Fanta from Greece — pineapple caffeine-free.
  • VegitaBeta from Japan — non-carbonated.
  • Beverly from Italy — bitter.

No matter what flavors they have there is always fun in trying new tastes and seeing your child’s face for the first time when the soda in their cup is not quite what they were expecting.

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