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Crystal Palace Review

Crystal Palace Review

Breakfast at the Crystal Palace is probably the best breakfast experience on Disney World property.

Breakfast at Crystal Palace is a buffet with something for everyone. A reservation is required which can be made by phone or online. You will need to give a credit card number when you make the reservation but your card will not be charge unless you fail to show up. Park admission is required as the Crystal Palace is inside the Magic Kingdom.

Your reservation time should be carefully considered. Making a very early reservation has its benefits as the restaurant frequently opens before the park. This can provide you with an opportunity to walk down an emtpy Main Street, USA. If you have ever wanted a picture of yourself with the castle in the background and no on else around, this could be your opportunity.

At the same time, a later reservation can become a brunch which will allow you to skip lunch in favor of an early dinner. So the timing of your reservation will depend on how you plan to spend your day.

In either case, make your reservation as soon as you know you will be visiting the park as the Crystal Palace is very popular and fills up quickly.

This is a character breakfast with the Winnie the Pooh characters. Characters make their way through the seating area in a counter-clockwise rotation. All of the characters will stop by your table at some point during your meal. The characters are very accommodating for pictures and autographs.

The buffet includes bacon, sausage links, cheese potatoes, scrambled eggs, pastries, fruit and yogurt. Kids have their own buffet which includes breakfast pizza and Mickey-shaped waffles.

One of our favorite features of the buffet is the omelet station. You tell the chef what you would like in your omelet and they prepare it right in front of you.

When you are first seated, your server will take your drink order and then you are free to visit the buffet. Available drinks include coffee, orange juice, milk, chocolate milk and soda.

In many Disney World restaurants the food is subpar. Indeed you often pay for atmosphere and not the quality of food. In the case of the Crystal Palace the food is very good, particularly the fresh fruit. Also, unlike a lot of Disney World restaurants, the noise level is surprisingly low.

If possible, you should make breakfast at the Crystal Palace a part of your next visit to the Magic Kingdom.

Cost is $39.99 for adults (10 and up) and $15 for kids.

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