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Disney’s Carribean Beach Resort

Disney’s Carribean Beach Resort

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderate resort in the Epcot resort area. Rates can range from $130 to over $200 per night, depending on the room selected and the time of year.

Check in is done at a themed building at the front of the resort. Guest that are used to Disney-themed resorts such as the All-Star resorts or the Pop Century resort will immediately notice the lack of typical Disney themes. In fact, the rooms appear to be part of an apartment complex. This resort would be great for adults that are looking to get away from characters and the usual kid-friendly themes. While clean and pleasantly decorated, there is nothing to indicate that you are actually on Disney property.

The rooms are grouped into separate buildings and appear to be modeled after an apartment complex. The buildings are grouped into areas labeled after islands in the Caribbean. The groups are:

  • Martinique
  • Trinidad North
  • Trinidad South
  • Jamaica
  • Aruba
  • Barbados

Each group has its own bus stop for Disney World transportation. This is important because the stops are in the order of the list above. If you are in the Martinique group of buildings, your stop will be first. If you are in the Barbados group of buildings, your stop will be last, meaning you’ll have to wait while the bus stops at each of the five other stops. This also means that your bus may have very few seats available by the time it arrives at your stop. We were in the Barbados group of buildings on our visit.

Unless you are in the Martinique or Trinidad North buildings, the food court (Old Port Royale Centertown) is much farther away than it appears on the map. This is a huge hassle when you just want to refill your refillable mug. It turns out that there is a trolley that you can ride to the Old Port Royale Centertown but we weren’t aware of that until after our stay had ended. The cast member at check in failed to mention it.

Our room was clean and simply decorated. There are pirate themed rooms available however. Our room had a ceiling fan and a better TV than is found in the Value resorts.

The food court is very similar to the food courts found in the Value resorts. The food, variety and pricing are also similar. We ate breakfast there one morning and the food was very typical of Disney, good but not great.

Overall, we did not enjoy this resort. The lack of theming didn’t feel “Disney” enough for our taste. The distance to the food court and the fact that we were the last on the list of bus stops also left a bad taste in our mouths.

This resort would be fine for adults looking to escape the Disney atmosphere but I would not recommend this resort for guest with children.

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