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“Enchanted Christmas” at Disneyland Paris Photo Trip Report


By Antony Ellis

Disney's Wild West Hotel - The Hotel Cheyenne

A trip to a Disney theme park is always an exciting and memorable experience, whatever the time of year and whatever the weather. However, for return guests and Disney aficionados a trip during the holidays is kind of the holy grail. You’ll put up with the elevated crowd levels just to see the park all spruced up and decked in its winter finery. It’s kind of a bucket list thing for a lot of Disney fans: spend Christmas Day a Disneyland park and it’s something I’d never done as a Disney lover, until this Christmas!

Seeing all the things that Disneyland Paris had in store for Christmas had me excited to book a trip to experience it. Having done a big family Christmas the year before, I didn’t feel necessarily guilty for being away from the majority of my family and friends so my fiancé, David, and I decided to go for it. We’d spend Christmas in Disneyland Paris – Christmas Eve until 26th December (or Boxing Day to some).

David and I had last been to Disneyland Paris in February 2014. We recognised the crowds were probably going to be bigger at Christmas but seeing …read more

Source:: WDW News Today