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Magic Kingdom Charging Station

Magic Kingdom Charging Station

On our last visit to the Magic Kingdom we investigated the tales of charging stations in the park. If your teenagers are like ours that means that there is not a whole day at the park that someone is not looking for a place to sit down and charge their phone or camera.

Between It’s a Small World and the Haunted Mansion there is a new area built for the movie Tangled and in the center there is a section with tables and “tree stumps”. If you open the door on the tree stump you will find a place that you can charge your phone or camera. In each of these stumps you will find three outlets and two USB plugs. Just be sure to have your cords on hand and an umbrella because there is very little shade in this area.

We purchased drinks and sat under the trees while charging last time we were there. There are restrooms in this area also so if the kids need a bathroom break you can charge while they are in the new Tangled inspired restrooms.

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