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MagicBands came out in January of 2013

MagicBands came out in January of 2013

MagicBands are plastic bracelets that contain RFID radios, in use at Walt Disney World Resort. The MagicBands form the central part of the MyMagic+ experience, providing a way for the system to connect data to guests. This includes connecting park tickets, hotel room keys, payments, and PhotoPass information to the MagicBands. The bands were announced on January 7, 2013 by Tom Staggs as a part of MyMagic+.

The original MagicBand design was created by Frog Design. The original design consisted of an outer plastic grey bracelet, which can be removed to adjust for a smaller sized wrist, and an inner plastic bracelet. The inner plastic bracelet is one of eight base colors, which can then have a series of different designs printed on them for an extra fee. Sealed inside of the middle of the inner band is the circuitry, consisting of high frequency and ultra-high frequency antennas and a coin cell battery, all embedded on a PCBboard. Directly outside of the circuitry is an outline of Mickey Mouse’s head on the front, while the back includes the Band ID, the FCC ID number, and other information.

On November 19, 2016, a new MagicBand design, MagicBand 2, was announced. The new design increases the size of the Mickey head and the circuitry area. This part, called the Icon, is able to be removed from the rest of the wristband with a special screwdriver and placed in other bands or special accessories such as a key-chain. If you would like to see how this is done please visit our article on this Here

While at Walt Disney World last week we noticed that there was a new color MagicBand out there for sale. How many of us have been waiting for the black band to come out. Well here it is and the only way you can get it is to purchase the band. Hopefully in the near future they will offer this as one of our options when booking a stay on property. But for now if having the black band is that important it is here for you.

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