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Planning Ahead To Make The Most Of Your Visit

Planning Ahead To Make The Most Of Your Visit

There are a few things you need to do in advance to make your Disney trip as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Start by asking your kids what they want to do in the parks. They might want to meet the characters or visit certain attractions. If you have different age children remember there is always the “baby swap” so the older children can enjoy the ride and so will each parent. Here are a few other helpful tips:

1. Plan where you are going to stay.
The resorts on property offer a variety of advantages to staying off property. If you are flying and you to save the expense of a rental car there are plenty of buses that will take you to all the parks and resorts. There are also “extra magic hours” for resort guests either before or after the “regular” hours. These “extra magic hours” vary by parks and days so you will want to plan in advance to take advantage of them.

2. Plan where you are going to eat.
If there are restaraunts that you want to enjoy make the reservation as far in advance as possible as some fill up quickly. You can either log onto the Disney web site, log into “My Disney Experience” app, or call Disney Dining directly. Make sure you know what day and time you are looking for and the park you will be visitng on that day. If you are unable to get a reservation or reservations aren’t accepted at the restaurant you want, it’s important to remember that 11 am until 1 pm is a busy time for lunch and 4 pm until 7 pm is a busy time for dinner. Without a reservation you may have to wait for up to two hours for a table during busy season.

3. Plan your “FastPass+”.
This one is a little tricky because of the way these have been set up. You will have to know what park you plan to visit and you can reserve up to three per person per day. You can always change them after you make them if you need to. This is great if you want to sleep in one day because the more popular rides run out of FastPasses in the morning. The rides that we have seen run out of FastPasses are: Toy Story Mania, Rock’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Buzz Lightyear, Test Track, Expedition Everest, and Soarin’. There are also passes for character meet and greets. There is a new Princess meet and greet at Magic Kingdom and there is a character meet and greet at EPCOT. These lines have been up to 90 Minutes at certain times of the year, so if this is important for your kids to meet the characters I would plan on getting these as one of your choices.

There are many ways to plan your trip to make sure everyone can enjoy all the rides and food that are available to you without getting stressed out with early rising and rushing through the parks. We have been able to go at the busiest time of the year and ride the rides everyone wanted while still having fun and not waiting in those long lines that can form for the popular attractions. The best advice is to plan ahead as much as possible and involve the whole family. There are maps and pictures on the Walt Disney World website and you can explore and plan together. The magic can begin ahead of time and you can make your vacation an experience the whole family will remember for years.

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