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The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Walt Disney World


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Walt Disney World Resort is a land of magic, wonder and adventure. Unknown to many, however, it is also a world filled with secrets and surprises, all cleverly hidden by the Disney Imagineers in the hopes they will be discovered by guests. The Hidden Secrets & Surprises of Walt Disney World reveals over 300 of these magical secret story elements, complete with photos, many of which have never before been published in any Disney related books, articles or web sites, including…

  • The amazing story of how one lucky guest was called upon by Disney Imagineers to help create an attraction – Published here for the very first time
  • The actual message being tapped out in the telegraph scene of Spaceship Earth – Revealed here for the first time ever
  • The never-before-published story behind the Imagineers’ hidden-in-plain-sight tribute to A.C. Dietz in Frontierland – And how it ties to Walt and the early days of Disneyland
  • The ominous message at the entrance to the Haunted Mansion warning that your luck has run out…which 99% of guests miss
  • Where to find over 100 Hidden Mickeys in one place
  • How guests can gain V.I.P. access to the wheelhouse of the Liberty Square Riverboat and pilot the ship, blow the whistle and ring the bell
  • Why you should never, ever walk down the middle of the street in Liberty Square
  • Where to find the smallest Hidden Mickey in all of Walt Disney World
  • And many, many more, complete with photos.

Now discover the magic behind the magic at Walt Disney World!


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