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Renting Lockers at Disney Parks

Renting Lockers at Disney Parks

When you visit one of the theme parks at Walt Disney you might need the use of a locker. We use them during the colder months to store jackets that will only be worn at night. There is a new way of acquiring this locker. In the past you would go to the far left and there was a small shop that you could purchase a key for one of the lockers around the corner. Now you go directly to the locker area and find the service service kiosk:
After this, you follow the instructions on the screen to choose your language:
Then you must choose the locker size you want to use:
The kiosk will then give you your locker number and you make up the code to enter the locker for the time of use. This seems a lot more user friendly and take up less time to purchase the locker. The other good thing is no key to keep track of. The main goal before was to keep track of that locker key so you could get in any time you needed and to receive the $5 back at the end of the night. Let us know your thoughts on the new locker system.

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