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Sum Of All Thrills

Sum Of All Thrills

Sum of All Thrills is sponsored by Raytheon and lets park guests design their own thrill ride using a touch screen and a robotic simulator. There is a roller coaster, bobsled or jet plane that you can choose for the ride of your life. Guests use a touch screen to design the aspects of the ride with corkscrews, inversions and hills.

After you complete your design, a cast member gives you a card that contains your ride information and off you go to the simulator. You swipe the card when your turn comes up, enter the simulator seating and the 3-D hood is lowered. If you have a fear of closed spaces this might not be the ride for you. I had to overcome my fear of closed spaces to enjoy the thrill of what comes next. You are then sent on the ride that you created with all the thrills of being on a “real” thrill ride. The robotic arm will shoot you to the ceiling and to the floor and wherever else your imagination sends you.

A warning to those brave enough to try this after waiting in line and seeing the arm thrusting those ahead of you to the ceiling, try to save lunch for after this thrill ride. When we exited the ride we were glad that lunch was still a few hours away. This is a must do and there is a souvenir card for you to take home and remember your personally created thrill ride.

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