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Weather Vanes

Weather Vanes

At the Magic Kingdom I found something to photograph that I had never noticed before. I’m sure that like most of you that we wonder through the parks and never look up in fear of running into someone in front of us. This trip I made it a point to step to the side and look up and notice all the details that Disney has put from the ground all the way to the top of the structures throughout the parks. I noticed that there are several weather vanes on top of various structures and thought that if I have not noticed them before in my many visits maybe you haven’t either. So here they are and I did not label the pictures so you could guess at what they might be on top of in the Magic Kingdom. At the bottom I will let you know so the next time you are traveling through the park and you pass this you can take a minute and look up. And as ever please let me know if you see one that I might have missed.


Weather Vane 1 – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride in the New Fantasyland

Weather Vane 2 – Haunted Mansion

Weather Vane 3 – Hall of Presidents

Weather Van 4 – Liberty Square Riverboat Building

I hope this was fun and something new to learn and look for next time you are in the Magic Kingdom.


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